Artificial Paradise

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Artist Note:

Second, this. Took. Bloody. Eons. Seriously, why do I do this to myself? Somebody brick me, please.

Anyway, after having so many homicidal and suicidal feels while working on this, I'm glad it's finally done. I lost track how long it took me to finish this, probably about two weeks or so while I was on a break from Uni so I decided 'hey, why not relax by making a wallpaper?' ...yeah, relax my butt. >_>

I dunno what was more taxing - outlining all those things or coloring them. Okay, the outlining took me longer and coloring was actually fun. I had to extend some things from the original scan and I also gave her clothes - she was basically nekkid in the original so I smartly covered the strategic spot with another petal. Then I showed it to Metals who said it was such an obvious censor so I ditched that and gave her a toga-ish thing instead.

Then I spent a good portion of time banging my head against the keyboard and trying to get colors work with her in the background and adding those shapes to make it at least somewhat, yenno...not empty. I'm still not quite satisfied but if I open it again to work on it, I'm going to shoot myself. In the end, I added some textures to spice it up a bit, played with curves and color options and finally called it a day. And then downed a whole glass of a leftover champagne to celebrate. \o/

Progress chart can be seen here: [link] I'll also upload more resolutions to PR once the site stops hating me. And vice versa.

Well, hope you all like it and feedback is, as always, welcome.