Our site not enough for you? FINE! :-)

Here are some other cool desktop, wallpaper, icon, tutorial sites for you to enjoy.

Desktop and Icon Sites


Fabulously grungy site with a bunch of fabulously grungy desktops to choose from!

Action Tintoy

Quirky, retro and slick beyond belief, this site has a ton of cool characters to check out. There are also some excellent desktop downloads with a lot of personality!

Audrey Paintings

WOW. This site will fill your mind with fantastic colors and shapes—This fine artist not only has a plethora of images and paintings that get exhibited all over the world, but has a rockin’ site to boot! Lots of fun and some free desktops!

aoi media

This site features some icons, desktops AND a page that’s jam-packed full of useful links!


This kooky illustrator has shared a bunch of his fun icons and desktops with us but if you want to check out more of his goodies, take a look!


Is there a sentimental void you want to fill? Are sterile clean desktops not your style? Start feeling the love.


This cute badge says it all! This site is chock full-o-adorable heartfelt icons and images. Fairytales, children and holidays…Have fun!

Cricketbow Design

Cool little site with all sorts of icons and desktops for your downloading pleashah!


Techno beat, edgy graphics and a superphat interface! You’ll definately be entertained looking at this guy’s urban artwork! Stop by and download a desktop or screensaver too!

Design Mood

You like smilies?? Well they’ve got a lot to pick from here! Also a great portolio with logos and interface design.


Lots of vibrant desktops and interesting icons to download!

Flameia Design

Interesting site with funky icons and matching desktops! Super talented icon designer in the hizzouse! (I can’t believe we just said that:-)

Fresh Tokyo

Clean little site with a very sexy vector section!


Sexy vectors! This site has a great collection of awesome vector illustrations!

The Iconfactory

Sure they’ve been around longer than us and have a lot more icons and a larger audience, but who pays attention to that??


Get some free icons!


A few free icon downloads:-)

Ikenie Web

Marichan is one of our favourite artists and Ikenie is another one of his creations— Cute, injurious and just odd:-) Desktops available!


All SORTS of things ipod related! Get over there and learn something. (don’t forget the check out their goodies too:-)


If you like the spirit of children, get into the mind of this guy! His icons have the raw look of a kid’s drawings:-) 

Lindkvist (ByAndreas)

Get into Lindkvist’s mind with! Great downloads including calendars, desktops, icons and labels!


What an interesting, cool style! This guy knows how to make photoshop his plaything:-) Check out the crazy lookin’ desktops!


What a mysterious site! Feel like exploring? Well you have to in order to find the art and icons. Very unique!

Mac Anatomy

Cool apple-oriented site with lots of desktops and icons to download! Want something different that promotes apple? Check out this site!


This desktop connaiseur has an extremely wide variety of desktop images to choose from. Click on archive to go through the older ones.

Marmalade Moon

Made by Kate England an iconfactory designer, this sight has a ton of fun stuff to look at and download! You know that everything you get from here will be the highest quality:-)

Mbstuart Icons

Great source for icons! It’s got a really wide variety of sets to decorate with!


Its really hard to find a decent illustrator these days. That’s why we felt it was our duty to share this guy with you.


Art work, mixed media stuffed chock full of gui and code stuff!

Naked Gremlin


Kooky and talented illustrator with a knack for kickin’ out some great icons!


We are such great fans of this fantastic artist!! Shop for amazing prints, send your friends some funky e-cards and don’t leave without a desktop!


Mac homepage site with a bunch of different pictures to look at and desktops to download!

Patrick Bennett

Meet Patrick Bennet! He’s got attitude and enough style to pimp up your desktop, with room to add a little hipness to all of your friends computers too!

Song Speckels

This site has some non-digital looking illustrations to view and artwork to download—There are also a couple iconsets for macs.


Want to see some other icons by the pixel feng shui master?


Dark and different. Learn about the characters that are alive in this artists imagination. Icons, desktops, fonts and cool links—but you have to explore to find them:-)


RAD.E8 has a smooth design and a nutricious selection of iconsets and desktops. Yummy.

Rob Cursons

Cute site with a nice little desktop downloads section to peruse!

Stephen Graham Photography

We are not kidding when we say this guy’s photos ROCK!! No seriously, check it out! He’s also got some fabulous desktops as well!! (Not to mention Morfia Design made the site:-)

The Android Workshop

Tiny mysterious little site with a lovely collection of desktops that have hand-drawn anime inspired characters.

The Deskstop

Mindy the Iconfactory newshound isn’t just your average news hound—No sir! She is a fabulous icon designer and desktop artist to boot! Visit the desktop for friendly fun downloads!


Cute little site with a great free section. Icons, Wallpapers and most interestingly, an odd section of printouts!


Master of the Spacepods among other things. Totally hip and hot designer, yo—Check’im.

Twisted Sun (Fifty Foot Shadows)

Featuring some down-to-earth fantastic photography, this site offers a lot to look at! It also offers a section with some nice subtle desktops.

Vision League

Great blog organized into wallpapers, styles, skins and more!


A large collection of folder icons as well as desktops to choose from! Make sure to visit their help section where you an learn the basics of customization and even download starter icon files!

Wallpaper Gallery

Great website with tons of wallpapers to choose from!


So many cool icons, so little time! Maker of retro toys, japanese classics and animal farm, wati has contributed so many sets to us. More on the site!

We Are Design Syndicate

Edgy and techy designer with a knack for making cool desktops!

Vision League

Cool blog featuring lots of vector-styled wallpapers and skins

Visual Pharm

A PC icon company that offers a few free xp icons.



Ever have difficult clients? Maybe working with others doesn’t go “well” for you:-) Here’s a site to let you know that YOU AREN’T ALONE.

Creative Latitude

A worldwide community that unites various creative disciplines for collective promotion, education and ethical business practice. Awesome articles and advice for you aspiring or already established designers!

Designate Online

Fabulous Community for design industry. Latest design and code tips as well as business advice!


Cool creative forum for artists! Lots of tools, resources and tutorials!


This site is a MUST visit for those who consider themselves designers or artists in the graphic business. Learn tricks of the trade and become aware of your industry surroundings!


Super sexy designed site with some awesome tutorials! Ranging from beginner to advanced, they are easy to follow and really fun!


Pixelgirl Presents highly endorses this site. Learn about the downfalls of spec work as well as pro-bono and logo contests. GREAT for designers.

Nothing in this world is free… WRONG!! can answer all of your stock photo needs without charging a dime!

Mac Shadows

Cool underground forum site with tons of Mac info and utility programs for your hacker needs:-)